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About Amshield Deck

Amshield Deck is a 100% Solids, two-component Polyurethane Coating system that contains no solvents, noxious smells and is non-flammable. It has been formulated specifically as a high-performance Parking Deck, Industrial Floor & Clean Room floor coating. Amshield Deck provides long term protection for your concrete floors. Once coated, the floor is resistant to impact, abrasion, chemicals, dust generation. X-Bac variants containing anti-microbial agents will kill microbes on contact making it invaluable for food processing, hospitals, and clean rooms. Despite its hardness and toughness and unlike brittle Epoxy floors, Amshield is elastic which eliminates cracking on heavy load impact. Applied as a thick film (1.50 – 3.00 mm), this premium high-performance product has a very long service life.

For Parking Decks and General Industrial, we make 75E with over 75% elongation and a hardness of more than 70 ShoreD. We also have 65D which is similar to 75E except aliphatic and with colour-fast properties, elongation over 75%, and 65 ShoreD hardness. 15E is for Heavy Industrial use with approx. 15% Elongation and a hardness of more than 80 ShoreD.

  • Seamless and monolithic
    Seamless and monolithic
  • Anti-microbial Properties
    Anti-microbial properties
  • Very easy to clean
    Easy to clean
  • Quick and effortless application
    Quick and effortless application
  • Highly resistant to chemical spills
    Highly resistant to chemical spills

Revolutionary Properties

Highest performing flooring in the entire market.

A paint roller apply a white coating on the surface.

Seamless Membrane
& Easy To Apply

Liquid polyurethane applied as a seamless, monolithic membrane to a thickness of 1.50 – 3.00 mm. Simply mix the two components, pour and spread using roller to specified thickness in one or two coats. Special two component 100% Solids Damp Tolerant Polyurethane Primer will seal concrete prior to application of Amshield Deck main coat. Unlike other Polyurethane floor coatings, the hydrophobic nature of Amshield allows application even in high humidity environments without blistering.

A heavy rectangular cube falling on the surface quite hard without leaving a dent on the coating.

Highly Abrasion

Being hard and yet elastic, Polyurethane’s can dissipate strain and have the highest wear resistance. Rigid coatings will wear out much faster. The sports shoe Polyurethane sole lasts forever compared to the hard-sole shoe.

In Taber Abraser wear tests, Amshield Deck will lose < 50 mgs/1000 cycles (1000 gms. weight per arm) compared to 200-300 mgs/ 1000 cycles) for Epoxy Flooring.

A beaker dropping liquid on the surface of our coatings indicating the high chemical resistance of it.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Amshield Deck is highly resistant to a wide variety of Acid, Alkalis, Salts, Alcohol, Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Grease etc. In most cases, they are even suitable for immersion in these media! 15E has even higher resistance to Alkalis and Solvents.

A crack spanning inside the concrete but the elasticity of our coating still covers the surface perfectly.

Elastic Nature, Crack Spanning

75E and 65D are Elastic membranes with >75% elongation. They are unaffected by temperature cycling and will span hairline cracks in concrete.
Brittle products such as Epoxy will simply crack in service.

Images of small microbes unable to enter the surface of our coating as a blue shield creating a boundary between both of them.


X-Bac variants contain anti-microbial agents which kill fungi, bacteria and algae on contact. The anti-microbial agent is non-toxic containing no phenols, tin, lead, heavy metals etc. On contact with the microorganism, the anti microbial agent will work by disrupting the cell membrane and destroys the microbial cell. This makes it ideal for keeping hospitals, clean rooms, food processing, pharma industry free from microbial contamination. more

A hammer hitting a surface indicating the toughness of our waterproofing coating.

High Impact Resistance

Amshield Deck is a tough, durable membrane with high hardness and tensile strength. Yet, it is flexible and elastic. This unique combination allows it to have high impact resistance and a long service life as it is not easily damaged by heavy objects falling onto it.
On the other hand, Epoxy flooring are very brittle and easily shatter on impact. This is the single biggest difference between the two types of flooring.

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An applicator applying a coat of Amshield Deck with a common roller.

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